Getting started

  • Download the OurBike from either the App Store if you have an Apple phone or the Play Store for phones that use Android.
  • You will need some photo ID such as a picture of your passport or DL to upload (please do not upload a selfie we need to see the ID with your picture on it).
  • Once you are authorised you will be able to reserve, unlock and lock and pay for the bikes using the OurBike app.
  • All new users get one hour free to start or three hours if they are a business and then the cost of using the scheme is £0.75 per 15 minutes.
  • There is a 'Help' section in the Index in the app to help you navigate the system.
  • Before you start we recommend you get personal liability insurance to cover any third party damage or injury you cause while cycling any bike. Laka offers a flexible scheme for £1.50 per month - Laka Club.
  • If you are not confident riding a cargo bike we suggest booking a training session with one of our in-house instructors or partner training providers.

Cargo bike training

  • We offer free cargo riding training sessions either from our in-house instructors or in partnership with training providers in your area. To book a free session, email us details of the OurBike you would like to meet at and we will book in a session  - book training session.


Riding an OurBike

  • The MK5 bikes carries a total weight of 150 kg including the rider and the Babboe Trike or Big E carry 200 kg including the rider.
  • When riding always keep a car door width between the bike and parked cars.
  • Ride in a primary position, i.e., the middle of your lane, unless your lane can comfortably accommodate you and a motor vehicle.
  • Keep brakes covered at all times so you are ready to stop quickly.
  • In order to prevent the bike tipping over lean in to a corner or camber in the road so your body weight is on the side of the bike that could lift up.
  • Keep to a slow speed when going downhill, taking corners, riding over speed bumps or riding in a road with a camber.
  • Put in a low gear whenever starting from a stationary position and don't stop too close to the vehicle in front just in case they reverse.
  • You can lock and unlock the bike as many times as you wish on your journey using the app.
  • Always lock to an immovable object (not a pole).
  • Tips on riding a three wheel cargo.