Our Bike

Congratulations and thank you now you are a signed up member of the OurBike community.

Using the scheme is pretty straightforward but just so you have all the information in one place here is our guide to using the bike.

1. Reserving the bike

  • Open the OurBike app
  • Click on Index (= icon in top left) and then ‘Reservation’, ‘Create a reservation’, ‘Select your fleet’ and book a date and time and the bike you want and finally confirm
  • If there is a cost for the booking you will be charged immediately so be sure you want the ride

2. Start your ride

  • Put the ‘handbrake’ on the bike so it doesn’t roll away once you remove the lock
  • Press the button on top of the battery on the rear rack and if two lights or less show then go and ask the Host business for a fully charged battery
  • Check the tyres and ask the Host for a pump if required
  • Click on Index (=), ‘Reservation’ and click on your reservation
  • Click on ‘Begin trip’ and unlock the lock by tapping the lock symbol on the screen until it slides to show it unlocked. After about 20-30 seconds a 'Success' notification appears on the screen and the actual padlock flashes green. You can now unlock it by twisting the barrel on the padlock
  • Keep the lock unlocked when not in use and put it and the chain in the cargo box

3. Riding the bike

  • Turn the motor on by pressing and holding the middle button on the display panel and use the arrows to increase or decrease the power
  • If you need the lights on press and hold the 'up' arrow button for two seconds
  • Check the brakes and chain
  • Walk the bike to a safe place to start
  • You can lock and unlock the bike as many times as you wish on your journey, just use the padlock symbol in the app to unlock the padlock
  • Always lock to an immovable object
  • Ride as you were taught in the lesson making sure to always keep a car door width from you and parked cars, ride in a primary position when necessary, keep brakes covered, lean into the side that might rise due to speed bumps or corners, keep to a manageable speed at all times especially downhill and when taking corners and put in a low gear whenever starting from a stationary position

4. Return your bike

  • Always end your journey where you started and lock it to the immovable object
  • Put the handbrake on
  • Tap on 'End my ride' in the app
  • Take a photo in the app of the chain and lock around an immovable object
  • Turn off the power at the display panel and release the handbrake
  • Finally, pull the cover over the bike so it stays dry and in good condition for your community to enjoy for years to come