About Us

OurBike community e-cargo bike share scheme is another cycling project from the Peddle My Wheels social enterpise.

The idea came to us back in 2018 when we were working on a cargo bike project and it became very clear that there were two huge barriers to e-cargo bike use - affordability and storage. After 24 months of trials, tests and varying models we settled on the OurBike community scheme and as we looked to launch covid hit so the whole project was delayed until 2022. The first bike went live in East Dulwich in 2022 with several more following shortly after.

The aim of the scheme is to break down the barriers to cargo bike use and harvest a sustainable and local community led initiative. We partner with councils and local businesses, non-profit community groups, housing estates and other organisations to help offer an affordable, sustainable alternative to the motor vehicle.

For more details on everything we do please go to Peddle My Wheels.