Become an OurBike community host

Our Bike

Why become an OurBike host?

    • Encourage clean, safe transport in your community
    • Get 20 hours per month of free use of an electric cargo bike
    • Become the focal point of your local community with an e-cargo bike parked near your premises or home
    • If you are a business or local community group or charity the bike is named after you and you get some branding on the box to identify you as the host. Your organisation will also be included in any promotions

What are my responsibilties as a Host?

  • Charge the spare battery and swap it when required
  • The bike remains outside 24/7 and you are not responsible for anything that happens to it but we do ask that you keep an eye on it and report any issues to us


Who can apply to be a Host?

  • Local business, community group, charity, residents association or group of individuals who want to encourage sustainable transport in their area

How much will it cost to be a Host? 

  • It is currently funded by the local council so is free*

*If there is no Council funding and you wish to have your own OurBike the cost is £250 per month and you keep 90% of hire fees generated through the bike. Please add a note in 'Comments' section if you are interested in funding your own bike.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a Host and we will let you know what funding is available

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